How it is born

For over 40 years we have distributed cleaning and hygiene products by the best brands all over the world. Over time we have understood what people really need to clean their homes.

With customer satisfaction being our primary goal, we have decided to invest in the development and creation of our own proprietary range of products, guaranteeing superior performances compared with other products on the market.

Our lab has spent years studying and formulating two types of multi-purpose and ultra-effective cleaning products which are unbeatable when it comes to removing the toughest dirt.

Sgreasy Original

A multi-purpose cleaner with an innovative formula. Perfect on stubborn grease and the toughest dirt. Its formula is based on a blend of surfactants that is particularly effective on the most difficult-to-remove dirt. Effectively eliminates grease, oil and burn marks.

Sgreasy Sensitive

Its formula is specifically designed for the most delicate washable surfaces. It sanitises and removes grease and stains from aluminium, marble, wood, leather, ceramic, glass-ceramic hobs, okite and induction hobs without damaging them. Its non-abrasive formula captures dirt in a single wipe, effectively descaling without leaving behind any scratches. Your surfaces are shiny once more. Also ideal for pre-treating fabric stains.